Explore Raja Ampat North on a Liveaboard

Located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the New Guinea Island, Raja Ampat is also known as four kings and it is an archipelago that comprises of more than 1500 small islets. Four main Islands in the region are Misool, Batanta, Waigeo, and Salawati. There are numbers of dive resorts in the area, however only liveaboard diving vacation in Raja Ampat will make you discover its underwater beauty at fullest.

Best time to visit Raja Ampat on a liveaboard is in between  the months of October and April. There is a plankton bloom in the month of October to April that brings marine life and huge manta rays in the area.

The sea conditions are rough from June through September, that is why many liveaboards change their routes during this period. If you are willing to travel to West Papua from June to September, we highly recommend you to visit Cenderawasih Bay with its main attraction – whale sharks!

Why going to Northern part of Raja Ampat

At the northern region you will find enormous numbers of fish species! Here you will be fascinated about the combination of hard and soft corals together with abundant marine life. At Kri island you will encounter giant trevallies and tuna in schools, you may also encounter bumpheaded parrotfish while they feed on the coral. Another feature of this area is famous and kind of weird looking wobbegong shark, you will meet them underneath the table corals. Macro lovers will also have an opportunity to encounter tiny creatures and take pictures of pygmy seahorses.

Cape Kri will get to see variety of fish species like dogtooth tuna, chevron barracuda, giant trevallies. You may be also encounter large Napoleon wrasse, giant groupers, whitetip reef sharks, snappers and if you are fortunate enough the gigantic Queensland groupers.

It’s not only about big fish species in the region, you will also get to see a diverse coral growth full of nudibranchs and scorpionfish.

Sel Pele is another location visited on a liveaboard diving trip that brings an amazing diving experience. It is located on the western side of Waigeo Island and it is regarded as the best spot for critter hunting. The dive site features a 15-25m deep wall and it has a slope with orange and brown soft corals and featherstar. At the bottom you will see sponges, fire urchins, fans, small anemones, and hardy soft corals.

At this region you will get to see different types of cephalopods like the blue-ringed octopus, baby red octopus, and cuttlefish. At the bottom of the sandy area you will get to see Berry’s bobtail squid. You will also encounter fire urchins, flying gurnards, gobbles, and blennies. Enjoy various types of nudibranchs in the area that are mind blowing like the tiger nudi, Tambja Affinis and so on. You will also see seahorses and a wide range of ghost pipefish.

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