Tourist season

The leading spa hotels make the 2017 tourist season

The 2017 holiday season will be already taking shape in the big hotel chains like the consolidation of spas and fitness areas. A formula that has been adapted to all kinds of accommodation, providing guests with all sorts of services from small beauty salons to massage spas with large swimming pools, Jacuzzi, all types of sauna and professional hydrotherapy areas.

Spa hotels lead the way and seem destined to put the icing on the tourism sector for next 2017. When the first ‘Early Booking’ deals begin to come to light, the most important hotel chains in our country show some their latest innovations for next year. The wellness hotels will be key, providing better care and increasingly more comprehensive choices, linking with other accommodation services to create an even more specialized package.

The profile of the traveler looking for a place to relax for a holiday of health and rest is ever expanding. If they once were mostly guests with an average age of 45 to 65, now 20 to 30 year olds also want to join this fashion: traveling to unwind and pamper themselves. The destination takes second place and real reasons for choosing one place over another is the facilities that each accommodation offers. You can go on vacation to a spa, and also visit a different destination but short trips are also a good alternative for a lot of people especially in the segment of national and domestic tourism.

Thus, the spa hotels in Chiclana, resorts in Huelva with wellness services, accommodation in Almería with sport and health facilities and spa hotels in Marbella are those that take the prize. There is an increasing stream of visitors who choose these areas so that they can travel by car or plane (but with a flight of less than 1 hour) and it is believed in the tourism industry that this is a trend has not just begun and 2017 but will continue to increase. It is also a great way to adjust to the destination’s seasonal change: Beach destinations previously rejected in favor of urban or interior destinations in Autumn, Spring and even Winter are now looked upon more favorably.

A detox plan in autumn and spring is the most popular. A lot of people have already taken advantage of this during these months and many others have already booked for the ‘Constitution’ bank holiday and even Christmas. The open Destinations to choose from are opening up: whereas previously Andorra, Asturias and Galicia appeared as spa capitals, now the South features strongly, thanks to the renovation of many of its most prestigious and historical hotels.

The expansion of hotel facilities designed to create spa centers within the resorts has taken place over the past 5 years. Investments have been numerous and massive transformation has even led to changes in the conceptual role of some of these hotels, from being family hotels to ‘Adults Only’ or allowing children access to the hotel but keeping areas specifically for adults. In this way hotels attract a guest who though he/she may stay for a shorter time, will spend more money during the holiday.

To do this, the so-called cutting edge spa hotels not only offer a complete wellness center with accredited professionals but also all hotel services are in keeping with to this new type of traveler: diet menus, suggested healthy gourmet plans, sports and relaxation packages, outdoor activities that combine healthy plans with the discovery of the destination, special therapies depending on time of year, personalized massages.

Total renovation

Some hotel companies have chosen to directly change the whole concept of the hotel, transforming every detail of it to fit in with this new public who are looking for rest areas that go beyond a comfortable room and a pool area with sofa beds. In the area of Playa de Palma, Mallorca, where the first initiatives are promoting the recovery of mature tourist areas of Spain, there are many examples. And it’s not just the spa hotels in Playa de Palma which reform and launch totally innovative proposals (certainly if you’ve ever visited one in the past few years you’ll be surprised to see that it is nothing like it was before) but all the accommodation that has been renovated in the area has been upgraded, from 2 and 3 stars to a minimum of 4 stars.

This category is rising by institutional requirement, according to the plan of remodeling of the area and requires the addition of new services for guests within the hotel. Creating gyms, opening indoor swimming pools with Jacuzzi, thermal beds, saunas and steam bath, expanded restaurant, renovation of terraces, reform of the roofs to make them chill out spaces, including swimming pools with playgrounds, mini club for babies and teenagers … Each hotel has opted for different services but undoubtedly the spas and wellness centers have been the best part.

The minimalist design, the IKEA concept of rooms that are livable, functional and elegant at the same time, the choice of colors, the location of the various facilities, the protection of the guest’s rest by soundproofing certain areas of the hotel … The improvements are countless, but not all have changed everything, yes you can say without risk of error that the Spanish hotel industry has taken a clear step forward in order to remain competitive with the big resorts of the new Oriental and Eastern markets.

Reasonable prices

In price also it has made a great effort. Although the ratio of quality and price offered by the spa hotels in Spain is much tighter than outside our borders, security and services that our destinations provide allow the Spanish tourism sector to continue to fight to lead the lists of the busiest, especially in summer.

The seasonal adjustment is not yet a global fact but it begins to be felt in the capitals of the main beach destinations: Palma, Malaga, Huelva, Ibiza … Spa plans are a good incentive in this regard and, in fact, hotels health and fitness hotels stay open longer, prolonging the season and are even open 365 days a year.

What the future holds we never know, but what can already be recognized as a fact, is that today’s traveler doesn’t just seek a destination, sun and sand. You want your hotel to offer much more. You want to boast about your holiday. So, hoteliers have to ask themselves: is my hotel worthy of being shared on social network and being thought well of? Otherwise, it will have problems. But that gives us another article. In the coming weeks;)