Villas to Rent in Ibiza

The Balearic Islands are a very popular vacation spot in Spain and when you’re looking for villas to rent Ibiza is the perfect choice as there are thousands of options in various towns and villages all over the island. Some villas are privately owned and may have staff available when needed, including a personal chef and butler to cater to your every need. Other villas are owned by a travel company and may be close to the same company’s hotels, in which case you may be able to make use of the hotels’ facilities. There are all kinds of villas to rent in Ibiza; from the very basic to the most luxurious in private grounds with a swimming pool, so you will have no trouble finding the exact choice to fit your needs and budget. There are some resort complexes that have an all-inclusive hotel with some surrounding villas and an apartment block; providing a wide choice of accommodations within the complex, with all enjoying the all-inclusive facilities.


Villas to Rent Ibiza, Balearic Islands


When it comes to finding holiday villas to rent Ibiza has the perfect solution for every budget and requirements. Large well-equipped villas for family holidays with a play area and kiddie pool are a great choice for large families who prefer self-catering holidays, while secluded luxury villas on private beaches may be the ideal choice for a romantic couple’s getaway. Some of the private villas on Ibiza are beautifully maintained and may have personal staff on the premises who will prepare your meals and wait on you whenever you require, or leave you in peace and quiet when that is what you prefer. Villas that are run by travel companies are maintained by a team of cleaning staff and handymen who will keep everything in working order and deep cleaned between rentals. Travel companies often have villas as well as hotels and their villa clients are generally offered the use of the hotel facilities.


Self Catering Villa Holidays in Ibiza


Many people, especially families, choose self catering holidays for convenience; so that they can feed their children whenever they are hungry instead of waiting for set mealtimes. These self catering holidays include various accommodations and the extensive range of apartments and villas to rent Ibiza has to offer will generally include the perfect choice for you, no matter what your needs or budget limits. Ibiza has many towns and villages, each with its own atmosphere and attractions; San Antonio is the main town and is the centre of Ibiza’s hectic nightlife, while some of the surrounding villages may be preferable to those who like their vacation to be peaceful and tranquil. In this case one of the private villas set in their own grounds with a private swimming pool and close to the beach, will provide the perfect setting, San Antonio is the most attractive spot to groups of young people, who often decide to share a villa rather than adhere to the timetables of a hotel.