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苹果首席执行官蒂姆库克上月在库比蒂诺的史蒂夫乔布斯剧场。人彘戚夫人活了多久 DAVID PAUL MORRIS/BLOOMBERG

(本文发表于时报专栏,作者是Farhad Manjoo。)

The Steve Jobs Theater on Apple’s spendy new campus in Cupertino, Cal少女不时彩方案软件if。, is a majestic temple to pomp。 An ethereal glass-and-marble cylinder set high on a serene hill, the venue feels like the architectural manifestation of the Apple co-founder’s famous “reality-distortion field。” It is an edifice meant to recall those moments when Mr。 Jobs, smirking joyful巴乐果ly, would b摸摸舞厅ound up to the stage, teasingly pull a black shroud off some new invention and instantly alter your picture of the future。

坐落加州库比蒂诺苹果公司新园区内的史蒂夫乔布斯剧院(Steve Jobs Theater)是一座绮丽的殿堂。一座玻璃和大理石的圆柱形修建,高踞于安静的山丘之上,感觉就像用修建表现了这位苹果联合创始人闻名的“实际歪曲力场”。这是一座旨在让人们回想那些时间的修建,那时,乔布斯带着志足意满的笑脸走上台,神秘兮兮地扯下一块黑色罩布,显露下面的新发明,当即改动你对未来的幻想。

And so it was meant to go once more last week, when Apple invited journalists and celebrities to an event billed as “a Think Different production。”


Some different thinking did seem in order。 Since becoming the first trillion-dollar corporation last summer, Apple has battled a souring assessment on Wall Street。 The iPhone is the most profitable product in the history of business, but more露贝德 th迅雷播放器,现在的苹果为何让人失望?,由于遇见你an a decade after its debut, pretty much everyone on the planet who can afford one already has one, and many customers see little reason to upgrade。


So now, instead of selling better stuff to more people, Apple’s new plan is to sell more stuff to the same people。 “Today is going to be a very different kind of event,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s chief executive, taking the stage。

所以,现在苹果的新方案不是把更好的产品卖给更多的人,而是把更多的产品卖给相同的人。“今日将是一场十分不同寻常的活动,”苹果首席执行官蒂姆库克(Tim Cook)登台后说。

It was not。 From start to finish, Apple’s affair was a brushed-aluminum homage to sameness — a parade of services that start-ups and big rivals had done earlier, polished with an Apple-y sheen of design and marketing。 Among other offerings, Apple showed off a service for subscribing to news on your phone and a credit card, and it offered vague details about a still-in-development TV service involving Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey (who are not exactly edgy or up-and-coming)。

并没有什么不同寻常的。从始至终,苹果所作的都是以拉丝铝材打造的千人一面——一系列草创企业和大型竞赛对手之前就现已做过的效劳,只在规划和营销方面增加了一点苹果的光芒。在一切新产品中,苹果特别展现了一项在手机上订阅新闻的效劳、一种信用卡、以及一项尚在开发中的电视效劳的含糊细节,史蒂文斯皮尔伯格(Steven Spielberg)和奥普拉温弗瑞(Oprah Winfrey)会参加其间(他们可谈不上是前沿或新锐)。

None of these efforts look terrible。 Some, like the news service, might be handy。 Yet they are all so trifling and derivative。 As the analyst Ben Thompson noted, Apple’s crush of me-too announcements falls far short of Mr。 Jobs’s goal of putting “a ding in the universe。” As I watched Apple’s event, I felt the future shrink a little。 In its gilded middle age, Appl女孩子的手编小饰品111款e is turning into some奈曼一中成果查询thing like a digital athleisure brand, stamping out countless upscale accessories for customers who love its one big thing, a company that has lost sight of the universe and is content merely to put a ding in your pocketbook。

这些尽力看上汉中城固气候去都并不糟糕。其间一些可能会带来便利,比方新闻效劳。可是,它们都是如此微乎其微并且缺少独创性。正如分析师本汤普森(Ben Thompson)指出的,苹果对萧规曹随发生的爱好,与乔布斯“在国际中留下痕迹”的方针相去甚远。看到苹果的发布会时,我觉得未来有点失容。在镀金的中年时期,苹果正在变成一个类似于数字运动休闲品牌的东西,为喜爱它的某件重要产品的客户推出很多高端配件。这家公司现已失去了展望国际的视界,只满足于在你的钱包里留下痕迹。

In an ordinary time, such an ordinary corporate vision might be fine。 But these aren’t ordinary times, and Apple is no ordinary company。 Here is a corporation with the resources of an empire, the mass devotion of a religion and the operational capacity of a war machine。 Under Mr。 Cook, Apple has cannily avoided every minefield in tech and politics over the past couple of years, winning a windfall from Presiden食脂兽t Trump’s tax cut, avoiding getting burned in his trade war — all while enjoying the loyalty of every moneye迅雷播放器,现在的苹果为何让人失望?,由于遇见你d hipster and suburbanite on earth。


Yet, all around Apple, the digital world is burning up。 Indirectly, Apple’s devices are implicated in the rise of misinformation and distraction, the erosion of privacy and the breakdown o迅雷播放器,现在的苹果为何让人失望?,由于遇见你f democracy。 None of these grand problems is Apple’s fault, but given its centrality to the business, Apple has the capacity and wherewithal to mitigate them。 But instead of rising to the moment by pushing a fundamentally new and safer vision of the future, Apple is shrinking from it。


Consider privacy。 Mr。 Cook is one of the tech industry’s strongest champions of the sanctity of our private information, and Apple has pushed for more stringent privacy regulations — which is just about the least Apple could do。 But what if it thought a little bigger? For example, it could directly take on Google and Facebook — the demons浴血金三角 who rule our era of surveillance capitalism — by placing far more stringent母子网 restrictions on their culture of r李嘉臣捐款ampant invasion, or at least removing them from preferential 迅雷播放器,现在的苹果为何让人失望?,由于遇见你places in the iPhone。 (Google will pay Apple an estimated $12 billion in 2019 to act as the default search engine on the iPhone。)


More than restricting the present, Apple could deploy its billions to build a better digital future。 In particular, I wonder why Apple isn’t working feverishly to create new privacy-minded versions of social-me陈佳一dia services the world needs。


Take messaging, for starters。 There is a strong moral case for Apple to turn iMessage, its encrypted messaging app, into an open standard available to anyone, even Android users, who cur迅雷播放器,现在的苹果为何让人失望?,由于遇见你rently lack many privacy-minded messaging apps that aren’t run by an ad company or aren’t friendly with the Chinese government矿井藏宝图。


There might be a business case, too。 Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s founder, recently reoriented his company toward messaging。 As Will Oremus noted in Slate, the move brings Facebook into direct competition with Apple。 This presents an opportunity for Apple to turn a cold war into a hot one; Apple could swiftly undercut Mr。 Zuckerberg’s ambition by freeing iMessage and bringing the gift of privacy to the non-Apple world。

这也能够成为商业事例。Facebook创始人马克扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)最近将公司的事务重心转向了即时通讯。正如威尔奥雷莫斯(Will Oremus)在Slate杂志上所指出的,此举将使Facebook与苹果打开直接竞赛。这为苹果供给了一个将暗斗转变为热战的时机;经过敞开iMessage,将维护隐私的礼物带给非苹果国际,苹果可能会敏捷削弱扎克伯格的野心。

Here are some other big ideas: Apple could embark on a long-term project to create a privacy-minded search engine to rival Google’s。 It could build an ad-free Instagram (its founders just left Facebook in frustration)。 It could create a YouTube that isn’t a刘惜君不带罩相片 haven for neo-Nazis。


Some (or many) of these may be dumb ideas — ideas that would ruin Apple, or at the very least kneecap its short-run profits。 But they are at least big ideas; they match in scope and daring what Apple was created to do。 Let other companies handle streaming entertainment。 To paraphrase a wise man: Does Mr。 Cook want to sell prestige TV for the rest of his life, or does he want to change the world?





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