Travelling Is Fun For Many People

All over the world every people like to travel. Individuals are like to travel for various purposes like education, business, and leisure or for recreational purposes. Some people like to travel with their family or with their friends. And they like to enjoy their holidays. Today’s people have lot of work tension and they like to relax from their work tension by visiting different countries. They can learn the culture and tradition of different people while there travelling. There are different types of packages are available for people for their travelling. They can enjoy their travel with fun. Travelling itself adds fun for people and they like to enjoy the world travel fun. Most of the people are like to travel for business purpose or for attending meetings. Some people are like to visit different countries for searching job. Some others are travelling for their educational purpose or even some others are making travelling for their health problems. morans

Many Reasons For Travelling

There are numerous reasons for travelling and many people are plan for travel for fun. They can enjoy lot of things and they can learn lot of things from every country. Most of the people are like to travel all over the world and they will plan for their travelling accordingly. Some people like to visit different countries yearly and they will plan to visit one or two countries in a year. There are many reasons for travelling but everyone can enjoy the fun in the travelling. Many countries are ready to improve their tourism to cover the attention of the tourist. They are earning a lot of amounts from the tourist. And more over many people are ready to visit the countries where they can enjoy fun and beauties. Many people are travel for relax themselves from their work tension and they like to enjoy their leisure time in visiting other countries. People can get information from internet about the best tourist spot in the world to visit those countries. And they can book the tickets and book their accommodation through online. It will be more helpful for them at the time of travelling.

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Diving Holidays

Villas to Rent in Ibiza

The Balearic Islands are a very popular vacation spot in Spain and when you’re looking for villas to rent Ibiza is the perfect choice as there are thousands of options in various towns and villages all over the island. Some villas are privately owned and may have staff available when needed, including a personal chef and butler to cater to your every need. Other villas are owned by a travel company and may be close to the same company’s hotels, in which case you may be able to make use of the hotels’ facilities. There are all kinds of villas to rent in Ibiza; from the very basic to the most luxurious in private grounds with a swimming pool, so you will have no trouble finding the exact choice to fit your needs and budget. There are some resort complexes that have an all-inclusive hotel with some surrounding villas and an apartment block; providing a wide choice of accommodations within the complex, with all enjoying the all-inclusive facilities.


Villas to Rent Ibiza, Balearic Islands


When it comes to finding holiday villas to rent Ibiza has the perfect solution for every budget and requirements. Large well-equipped villas for family holidays with a play area and kiddie pool are a great choice for large families who prefer self-catering holidays, while secluded luxury villas on private beaches may be the ideal choice for a romantic couple’s getaway. Some of the private villas on Ibiza are beautifully maintained and may have personal staff on the premises who will prepare your meals and wait on you whenever you require, or leave you in peace and quiet when that is what you prefer. Villas that are run by travel companies are maintained by a team of cleaning staff and handymen who will keep everything in working order and deep cleaned between rentals. Travel companies often have villas as well as hotels and their villa clients are generally offered the use of the hotel facilities.


Self Catering Villa Holidays in Ibiza


Many people, especially families, choose self catering holidays for convenience; so that they can feed their children whenever they are hungry instead of waiting for set mealtimes. These self catering holidays include various accommodations and the extensive range of apartments and villas to rent Ibiza has to offer will generally include the perfect choice for you, no matter what your needs or budget limits. Ibiza has many towns and villages, each with its own atmosphere and attractions; San Antonio is the main town and is the centre of Ibiza’s hectic nightlife, while some of the surrounding villages may be preferable to those who like their vacation to be peaceful and tranquil. In this case one of the private villas set in their own grounds with a private swimming pool and close to the beach, will provide the perfect setting, San Antonio is the most attractive spot to groups of young people, who often decide to share a villa rather than adhere to the timetables of a hotel.

Panama Tourism

Until lately Panama was one of the best kept tricks and techniques of  Central America. The nation provides guests such beauty and encounters that it is a shock that it has only become a top vacationer location in the past few years. Panama has always been useful to both Northern and Southern America as well as to the European people. This is both because of its unique location and also because of its sources. Until about the Nineteenth millennium it was appealing because of the silver mines, thereafter it was the Panama Canal that was appealing to other nations. The canal significantly decreases the boating time of veins and delivers in this place. And thus straight affects the trade and economic system of nations.

Today Panama properly on the list of worldwide locations, it is also one of the top places people want to live in after they stop working. Panama types a land link between Northern and Southern America. To its western is the Northern Hawaiian Oceana and to the eastern is the Caribbean Sea. The nation is loaded with different landforms and has islands of isles, seashores, hills, a volcanic and jungles that it features. It maintains its organic sources well and has many organic supplies and underwater recreational areas. It is this path to maintainable development that makes Panama travel and leisure a success.


Resorts and Hotels Panama travel and leisure provide guests plenty of choice on what they want to do and where they want to do it. You will get to the nation at the Tucomen International airport at Panama City. It is advisable to do sufficient research about the nation and the region that you would like to see. You can spend a few days at one of hotels on the Hawaiian shore near to the capital. There are several for you to choose from. Strategy checking out the San Blas isles or the Gem Islands, you may have seen this place before on the three sequence of the American show ‘Survivor’.


You can also fly out to san blas islands if you are interested in finding dense jungles and beautiful tropical islands. This is a fantastic place for scuba dive diving , for fishing and also sailing.. (check out for more about renting a sailboat)


You are sure to find a hotel or hotel that is perfect for your budget and satisfies your specifications. When in the nation don’t skip out on scuba dive diving, scuba dive diving, windsurfing, and whale sighting. Visit the many underwater recreational areas that the nation has and see different varieties overflowing in the clear and clean rich waters.


A trip to the Chiriquí region from the reveals you a different side to the nation. The Highlands are a cure to the residents as they are to guests the nation. The reasoning jungles here are a cure to discover and rise in. Strategy checking out Boquette, near to the Volcano Baru, the place is rich with coffee farms and provides some of the nicest orange you would have ever sampled. It is also an excellent place to try a different kind of water game, tubing. Tourism in panama gives you the option of a single day or several day stream rafting visits. This is a wonderful way of suffering from some of the most distant areas of this province

Verbena Tour 2018, una experiencia para toda la familia en Mallorca

¿Sabes por qué el verano es nuestra estación favorita en Mallorca? Porque el verano es diversión, es playa, es hacer el muerto en el Mediterráneo y sentir que no hay nada mejor en el mundo. El verano es cultura, es pasión, son fiestas y celebraciones tradicionales. Como las famosas verbenas de Mallorca, divertidas fiestas para toda la familia que se llevan a cabo durante todo el verano en la isla. En ellas, no solo podrás conocer las costumbres, artesanía y gastronomía típica, sino que te sumergirás en un auténtico ambiente festivo lleno de música, exposiciones, espectáculos, arte y actividades para niños y adultos. En Sol Hotels te invitamos a que conozcas las verbenas más representativas de la isla en un completo recorrido por sus hermosos pueblos.


  • Esporles. Una de las fiestas en Mallorca más famosas y que cada año adquiere más protagonismo. Esta verbena es la primera que se celebra, aproximadamente entre finales de junio y principios de julio, y reúne a un gran número de palmesanos y gente de los pueblos de alrededor.


  • Sa Rápita. ¿A quién no le apetece una fiesta en la playa? Sa Rápita se caracteriza por ser una de las zonas de sur de Mallorca más exclusivas. Y prueba de ello es la gran afluencia de la que disfruta en los meses de verano. Las verbenas de este municipio son una muestra del folclore mallorquín con atracciones y actividades para todas las edades.


  • Binissalem. Pueblo en el que podrás probar el auténtico vino de Mallorca, gracias a todas las variedades que se cultivan en la zona. Las fiestas de Binissalem, celebradas durante los meses de agosto y septiembre, son una completa cata de vino acompañada de música y espectáculos.


  • Valldemossa.  O, mejor dicho, artdemossa. Este hermoso pueblo se transforma en toda una exposición artística en la que diversos fotógrafos, pintores y escultores se dan cita en un fin de semana, a mediados de julio, lleno de cultura y cerveza artesana.


  • Felanitx. Una de las verbenas más divertidas que se celebran en toda la isla. En ella disfrutarás de conciertos, actuaciones, bailes de swing y jazz y de la mejor gastronomía mallorquina. Celebrada el último fin de semana de agosto, esta fiesta es ideal para despedir un verano de 10 en Mallorca.


Desde Sol Resorts te invitamos  a que te alojes en nuestros hoteles en Mallorca. Ven a disfrutar de la mejor diversión en familia en nuestro Sol Katmandú Park, descansa en un ambiente solo adultos en el Sol Beach House y baila como nunca en nuestro Sol House The Studio. ¡Te esperamos!

Here’s Why You Should Outsource Airbnb Management

Traveling has never been so popular, until recently, everyone flies. Everyone is suddenly into travel. More and more people are indulging themselves with the pleasures of exploring new places, getting to know their interesting histories, meeting new faces, kindling new friendships, immersing themselves into the local culture of the place they have visited, or simply unwinding and escaping from the daily grind.

Yup, there are so many reasons why people travel. Perhaps, social media is one of the biggest reasons why there’s a “ripple effect” in spreading the wanderlust vibe. Just seeing a single post of a fantastic island getaway makes you push yourself harder at work so you can save some amount for your ever-dreamed vacation.

Because many people are into travel nowadays, Airbnb is on the rise, too. Find out more about that here. If you have an unused property or undeveloped land in a city, country, island, or anywhere where tourists would be most likely interested in, why not convert it into a profitable business, specifically a holiday let listed on Airbnb? Whether you have little experience or none at all in real estate or hospitality management, there’s nothing to worry about. You can always outsource your Airbnb holiday let management.

But why would you do so?

Expertise to Count On

If you’d be able to find a reliable Airbnb property management company that is expert in the ins and outs of property and hospitality management as well as tourism, they surely have a better understanding of what guests are searching for in a holiday let. They know the guests’ needs and wants. And so, they can give you valuable tips on what you need tochange or add in your property for it to be more appealing to your target market.

Most of time, they have an eye for the details you’ll most likely miss. That’s pretty normal if it’s not your career path or if you’re new in the business. This is why they have the expertise you can tap on. A great Airbnb management company will be able to give you a full-package or customized holiday let services. From interior design to a complete concierge services and marketing efforts—they can handle all these things for you! With their expertise in these areas, it will be no surprise if you quickly earn a ‘Superhost’ badge, 5-star ratings, and wonderful feedback from guests. All these can only be possible with superb management, marketing, and organizational skills!

Imagine paying attention to all these tasks yourself. You probably have your own home, family, career, or business to manage and take care of. Juggling tasks related to property management such as cleaning, maintenance, interior designing, and communicating with prospective guests can take up most of your time and drain your energy that there’d be nothing left for the more important things in your life. When you leave these to the experts, you’ll face less challenges and property management could even be a walk in the park. Read why you should invest on real estate:

Convenience You’ll Love

Imagine living faraway from that property you are letting out. Would you really want to go there often just to ensure that the property is well-maintained and to entertain guests, making sure their needs are taken care of? Well, of course, you’d like. But since distance from your current home is an issue, even if you’d like to do this yourself, it’s neither convenient nor practical.

Owning multiple holiday letproperties is another reason why you should outsource Airbnb management. Managing one property alone is already stressful. What more with multiple properties? No doubt, you’d really need additional assistance.

On the other hand, an Airbnb property management company with comprehensive services to offer can take over your role as the host.The only thing you’d do is to constantly communicate with the company and check on your property from time to time through occasional visits.

There’s nothing more convenient than having a trustworthy team manage your property while you’re busy with other more essential things.

Cut Costs, Earn More

For sure, you’ve noticed what usually happens when an unused property is left for a long time without a caretaker. Nobody would check on the necessary repairs, pest management, maintenance, property improvement, and other tasks related to these. If that’s the case, a property may deteriorate gradually.And you know for sure that any deteriorating property is heading for destruction. Damages would most likely worsen until the amount needed for the repairs is too huge already. The more damages present, the more difficult it is to fix the property back to its shape or to embellish it.

On the other hand, having someone to manage your property, you can be sure that it is properly maintained, necessary repairs are done as soon as possible, and you can cut back on costs of maintenance when it’s done on a regular basis.

Because you’ll need to pay a caretaker for your property, you’ll be most likely compelled to transform your property into a money-making business by listing it on Airbnb as a holiday let. This way, you can maximize the costs of paying a caretaker for your property. You can even earn more. This site gives valuable tips on how to earn passive income from real estate.

So, if you have a property to rent out, let experts handle the management. You’ll be surprised at how awesome they can transform your property into a fantastic holiday let.


Brief Insight about The Different Types of Outdoor Gazebo

From choosing the cloth to the color or maybe layout, you can customize your gazebo your own manner. While building a gazebo for yourself, there are a couple of things you ought to hold in mind like do you need a transient gazebo or an all-weather gazebo? What’s the primary use of it and how large need to it be? Other elements like temperature or environment in which it will be also are essential to recall.

But irrespective of what your necessities are, we have a solution for all of it. Our expert team can guide you to attain the high-quality possible solution. Now, at the same time as choosing the cloth, you’ve got a lot of alternatives like if you’d like to move for marble or granite or perhaps sandstone. Preserving in mind the sturdiness or the appearance it gives, you need to select your exceptional-perfect material. Marble may be used to provide a royal look with a white polished finish. Sandstone or granite, on the other hand, can supply an antique appearance if you try to seize it. It absolutely depends to your taste and we will customize it as per what you have in mind and make your idea possible.

No human beings think the same manner. So we’ve got opened to you an expansion of designs to choose from or perhaps layout yourself. You may determine the shape, size, shade, flooring and so forth of your gazebo. If commencing point by using factor, select a size to your gazebo. So select the material for the equal like sandstone, marble or granite. Then, determine a shape for the gazebo roof like cover gazebo or tomb formed or rectangular shaped or open. One-of-a-kind designs will result in a unique shape.

Next, pick the floors. The problematic details just like the carvings or the patterns are also some thing that counts. The following element whilst doing this is the interior. This is if you need an open gazebo or perhaps benches or tables in it. We will provide you with each possible design and every single indoors. The benches and tables pass properly with the lawn gazebos while; if it is for the children to play we are able to go away it empty. Or if it’s miles operating as a display piece we will contain an idol or a fountain to make it appearance suitable.

Talking about the purpose, the place in which you want it located topics lots. Whether or not you need an outside gazebo or a backyard gazebo or perhaps a seashore and birthday celebration gazebo, we can cater to all of your needs. The type of designs will alternate in accordance to the reason. You can also add functions of a water-resistant gazebo if it’s miles an out of doors one. Or you could put on the gazebo lights if it’s miles a beach or a celebration gazebo. You may pass for the gazebo tent or gazebo netting in a backyard gazebo. And in case you’re concerned approximately the expenses, then there is not anything to worry approximately because we’ve gazebos on sale and low-priced gazebos too.

Scratch World map poster

In Dealing With The Most Important Aspects Of Food One Can Always Relate To Good Presentation

With good dining experience come the added benefits of finding prospective reasons to get into very useful and thought provoking strategy that will enhance the very concept of finding true colour with which there can be enough and more resources that will make it effectively unique in building a qualitative mindset . It is really important that one needs to have a clear picture as to why there are so many reasons to remind oneself that good food is often understood as the most enticing experience that will offer a clear picture of what it needs in the longer run. With many different reasons to choose from, one can find famous Singapore corporate catering services with which things will have a better perspective. Wherever there is a right reason to believe that one can often find better perspectives in dealing with good floirst in Singapore it needs to be understood that only through a fair amount of effort can one find a great and enhanced piece of encouragement which will be relatable.

How better food is finding place in business conferences and other formal events:


Taking advantage of the very set of fine features that will enhance the quality of life, one can without doubt let people know that there are really no big reasons as to encourage the usage of a fair deal of options that will find necessary importance in the lives of many people . it is often depicted in a fair manner that one can find great deal of resources in encouraging the best possibilities to alter the outcome.


In dealing with situations that will often result in a complete game changer:

There are many places that will find great deal of grace in the way things work and this could be a very prime resultant factor in building positive relationships with the client through good food and better ambience that is setup using quality florists. This is the very reason why many people are often interpreted in fine tuning the very essence of finding good luck through the game of experience. Cuisines that count better building a fair deal of chance through very important steps are often the result of a game that is well blended to suit all occasions. Food is hence regarded as the most important feature in dealing with situations. With the many situations that will count in making it one of the most favored options to find peace and tranquil through food.
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Why Construct a Koi Pond with Concrete?

Heaps of pond building contractors have really started in the water yard showcase by structure angle lakes the basic strategy, making utilization of an elastic covering, biofalls, and furthermore a sump pump. Unfortunately, the creators of lake linings simply benefit guarantee this item as opposed to assembling office defects. So I propose lining fish lakes for conditions where the lake is required just for a concise measure of time.


Various lake temporary workers have really begun in the water yard showcase by structure angle lakes the simple means, by using an elastic coating, biofalls, and furthermore a sump pump. A great deal of these arranging organizations were not taught of precisely what to suspect with respect to versatility and furthermore the toughness of these structure items. Unfortunately, the creators of the lake linings simply ensure this item as opposed to assembling office issues. A few years after the fact on and also several water traits under their belts, and in addition the issue starts streaming in from confused or completely bothered buyers, experiencing shedding water their fish lakes. There are a horde of elements:


Wrong securing of coating joints;


Openings in the coating expedited by the heaviness of the stones laying at first glance zone broadening the covering;


Openings created by diving pets (gophers, ground squirrels, rats, PC mice, chipmunks, groundhogs).


Openings created by youths with sharp toys or things like sticks, grass dashes et cetera;.


Openings created by the sharp paws of pets, raccoons, unguis of deer, moose et cetera;.


Openings made by roots of trees and furthermore plants like rhododendrons;.


Dribbling around channels funnels, channeling and furthermore skimmers.


There are the greater part of these lake temporary workers that have really endeavored to determine the spillage issues to satisfy their clients, however have really done as such at an extremely high fiscal cost. Following 15 years of lake lining building and development in Southern California, these arranging brief drops are turning consistently. The inconvenience is widespread to the point that various land specialists are soliciting their clients to get free from the coating lake from their terrace and furthermore stack the opening before they will positively detail your home given that the covering fish lakes are such a fantastic commitment and in addition claims peril for the land operator, money related foundation and in addition merchant of the home.


I would to a great degree inform to any sort regarding specialist co-op that is building fish lakes with linings, that they should make it to a great degree clear to the client before approving an assention that there are specific commitments identified with this sort of building and development. You should permit your clients perceive in advance that a covering has limitations, and subsequently elucidate painstakingly what those requirements are. You should furthermore permit the customer perceive that for around 20% much more, you could make their lake and furthermore tumbles from concrete and in addition rebar which would surely raise their lake’s life expectancy by years. Since various lake home manufacturers simply perceive how you can make a lake making utilization of an elastic coating, they don’t make concrete and additionally rebar an option for the client. This fact alone could create a noteworthy customer connections issue later on, when the shopper finds this reality out without anyone else, particularly after various little spillages.


On the off chance that the customer is illustrated each one of the conceivable worries with upkeep and in addition support identified with linings and also differentiates this to the fulfillment, nonattendance of upkeep and furthermore support, and additionally the aggregate sturdiness and furthermore the value added to their realty, they will positively most likely select fortified solid building and development at the extra 20% in cost. The essayist has really manufactured more than 2,000 upgraded solid fish lakes and also falls over the past 30 years and in addition has entirely ever keep running into a split or spillage of any sort of kind.


There are an assortment of different concerns identified with coating fish lakes, for example, utilizing totally submersible pumps and furthermore the nonappearance of lower suction channels pipes, that in like manner deliver a critical worry with water blood flow inside the lake and in addition more noteworthy upkeep costs identified with the incapability of a sump pump’s energy consumption. Various covering lake installers avoid diminishing the arranging to set lower suction channels funnels since they could wind up being an asset for a spillage. Unless water is pulled in from untouched low of the lake, there could be areas that don’t get adequate blood course. Along these lines, it will positively cause stationary water and additionally green growth inconveniences.


At the point when made utilization of in the proper applications, lake linings could come to be an ownership rather than a commitment for the fundamental truth that they do set you back substantially less contrasted with solid building and development and quick and furthermore easy to mount. So for conditions where the lake is required for a concise day and age a coating lake is the best administration. Scratch Map

Visit Italy with the guidelines of scratch map

The world map and other maps are produced and sold by many companies. Same time, there are good and result oriented maps are produced only by a few companies. Out of them the best company is only a few, this is the best among the bests map selling companies. The map would not have only the places name, it has all the other information to see the place and buy the goods in right place at the cheap rate. Therefore many people are buying the above map and visiting the many countries with the help of the above map. The above map can be hanged in the walls. At the same time, it could be rolled and taken to any place. There would be foil in the map, this could be removed by with the help of the coin. The coin size could be any size to keep in two fingers and the wiping is necessary to clear the foil. Once the foil is cleared it is useful to see the places and destination where to start and where to end the holiday’s trip. Italy is the very nice place to see and enjoy. There are many UNESCO approved buildings are there. Apart from this many buildings are not reconstructed or destroyed. Everything remaining in good condition, the hotels and lodges also would be in traditional appearance but inside the building they are arranged with the latest and modern equipments.

There is twenty six festivals in Italy. It is nice to have a trip during these days. The experience would be great experience to enjoy the festive. There are fifty seven international art galleries are available each gallery would have the wonderful collection of world artists and local Italy artists. There is a good and nice museum is available to see. The museum contains everything used by the one thousand years or two thousand years old people. The hotel rents are very cheap to stay. The taxis and limousine services are available for the tourists. All the above information is available on the map. The person need not have to search for any information regarding Italy. There is a boating service available. Everyone could drive the boat and have the fun experience in handling the boat individually. The family cruise is available to travel to the other cities from Italy. The tourist guide information would available on the map, it is very easy to hire the tourist guide during the travel.

Reputed caterers will distribute high quality foods to the customers

Wedding is a very important ceremony which has to be conducted extravagantly. Organizers of such events will love to serve lip-smacking vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods to the family members and others who step into the function. This company which has a team of highly qualified and matured chefs will prepare delicious cuisines and serve them hot to the organizers who hire them. People who are planning to celebrate birthday bashes, tea parties, weekend parties and other such events can hire these spectacular caterers who have rich experience in preparing traditional and modern food items. Executives working in this catering firm will reach the venue before the scheduled time and serve the prepared foods to the guests and visitors.

People who eat these foods will be happy with the quality and quantity of the items served and step out with happy mindset.  Children will love ice-creams, bakery items and other snacks prepared by the well versed for corporate catering services and enjoy the celebration thoroughly.  Customers who are planning to engage this team can use the form that is showcased in this site. They can expect cheapest quote from this catering firm which manages to satisfy the desires of the customers.

Pests and reptiles will hamper company growth

Rats, reptiles, birds, bees and flies are some of the pests which will damage the products that are stored in the warehouse. If they are allowed to wander in the warehouse freely they will spoil the stocks and food items within seconds. Customers who store high valued food stocks in the warehouse will not be able to track the movements of the pests and lose their products. These types of business owners who store volumes of perishable food stocks like grain, paddy and beans should make it a point to hire some of the pest controllers working at well versed pest control in Singapore.

Business entities should always use high quality plastic bags and sleeves and stay away from inferior quality products. These types of companies which are in search of world class plastic bags, garbage bags, packaging material and industrial use products can buy some of the products from this company which is classified as well versed supplier in singapore. Customers can buy hundreds or thousands of sturdy plastic bags from this company which manufactures spectacular plastic products.  Visitors can also buy LDPE plastic sheets and pallet stretch film from this company.

Explore Raja Ampat North on a Liveaboard

Located off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the New Guinea Island, Raja Ampat is also known as four kings and it is an archipelago that comprises of more than 1500 small islets. Four main Islands in the region are Misool, Batanta, Waigeo, and Salawati. There are numbers of dive resorts in the area, however only liveaboard diving vacation in Raja Ampat will make you discover its underwater beauty at fullest.

Best time to visit Raja Ampat on a liveaboard is in between  the months of October and April. There is a plankton bloom in the month of October to April that brings marine life and huge manta rays in the area.

The sea conditions are rough from June through September, that is why many liveaboards change their routes during this period. If you are willing to travel to West Papua from June to September, we highly recommend you to visit Cenderawasih Bay with its main attraction – whale sharks!

Why going to Northern part of Raja Ampat

At the northern region you will find enormous numbers of fish species! Here you will be fascinated about the combination of hard and soft corals together with abundant marine life. At Kri island you will encounter giant trevallies and tuna in schools, you may also encounter bumpheaded parrotfish while they feed on the coral. Another feature of this area is famous and kind of weird looking wobbegong shark, you will meet them underneath the table corals. Macro lovers will also have an opportunity to encounter tiny creatures and take pictures of pygmy seahorses.

Cape Kri will get to see variety of fish species like dogtooth tuna, chevron barracuda, giant trevallies. You may be also encounter large Napoleon wrasse, giant groupers, whitetip reef sharks, snappers and if you are fortunate enough the gigantic Queensland groupers.

It’s not only about big fish species in the region, you will also get to see a diverse coral growth full of nudibranchs and scorpionfish.

Sel Pele is another location visited on a liveaboard diving trip that brings an amazing diving experience. It is located on the western side of Waigeo Island and it is regarded as the best spot for critter hunting. The dive site features a 15-25m deep wall and it has a slope with orange and brown soft corals and featherstar. At the bottom you will see sponges, fire urchins, fans, small anemones, and hardy soft corals.

At this region you will get to see different types of cephalopods like the blue-ringed octopus, baby red octopus, and cuttlefish. At the bottom of the sandy area you will get to see Berry’s bobtail squid. You will also encounter fire urchins, flying gurnards, gobbles, and blennies. Enjoy various types of nudibranchs in the area that are mind blowing like the tiger nudi, Tambja Affinis and so on. You will also see seahorses and a wide range of ghost pipefish.

Check our page for a liveaboard diving in Raja Ampat.

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